Regina Libris

The Official Website of Lia Fisher-Janosz, School Librarian

Who is Regina Libris?

I am Regina Libris.

In my everyday life, people call me

Lia Fisher-Janosz, Mrs. F.-J. (or just "FJ!"), or Mom.

I’m…a Bibliothecaria Rebellatrix (“librarian…because Book Wizard isn’t an official job title,” at Sharon Elementary School in Alleghany County, VA) wending a way through the seven ages whilst geeking out over Shakespeare & sundry other stuff.  I am rather like Hermione Granger and have “conjured” floating candles in our school library.  I’m an admirer of Éowyn and would place myself somewhere in the middle of the shieldmaiden-healer spectrum.  I am inimitable, I am an original, and yet I am totally #TeamHamilton (see what I did there?).  I’m a graduate of the Longwood University School Librarianship program, and an avid reader and lifelong learner (and, apparently, Mistress of the Obvious as well).  Any rumors regarding me having a crush on either Stephen Colbert or Chris Martin (or Benedict Cumberbatch or Andrew Scott) are completely…irrefutable.  That being acknowledged, I was and remain the loyal consort of an unsung prince of Poland and very proud mother of a tornadic, talented, and talkative wunderkind girl and a happyhopper jollyjumper bouncyboy who has a memory like an elephant.

Oh, and I was named the 2022 Regional Winner of the School Librarian of the Year for VAASL's Roanoke Region.  To say I was tickled pink and honored would be quite the understatement.  I am currently the Director-Elect for the region, too.

One thing I am NOT:  a "laurel-rester."  There is always something more to do, to learn, and to make better.