Regina Libris

The Official Website of Lia Fisher-Janosz, School Librarian

Who is Regina Libris?

I am Regina Libris.

In my everyday life, people call me

Lia Fisher-Janosz, Mrs. F.-J. (or just "FJ!"), or Mom.

I’m…a Bibliothecaria Rebellatrix (“librarian…because Book Wizard isn’t an official job title,” at Sharon Elementary School in Alleghany County, VA) wending a way through the seven ages whilst geeking out over Shakespeare & sundry other stuff. I am rather like Hermione Granger and have “conjured” floating candles in our school library. I’m an admirer of Eowyn and would place myself somewhere in the middle of the shieldmaiden-healer spectrum. I am inimitable, I am an original, and yet I am totally #TeamHamilton (see what I did there?). I’m a student in the Longwood University School Librarianship program (I graduate in May of this year, 2022!) and an avid reader and lifelong learner (and, apparently, Mistress of the Obvious as well). Any rumors regarding me having a crush on either Stephen Colbert or Chris Martin are completely…irrefutable. That being acknowledged, I am the loyal consort of an unsung prince of Poland and very proud mother of a tornadic, talented, and talkative wunderkind girl and a happyhopper jollyjumper bouncyboy who has a memory like an elephant.

Oh, and I was recently named the 2022 Regional Winner of the School Librarian of the Year for VAASL's Roanoke Region. To say I was tickled pink and honored would be quite the understatement.

One thing I am NOT: a "laurel-rester." There is always something more to do, to learn, and to make better.